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EuclidOLAP organizes data through dimensions and cubes and provides the ability to perform in-depth analysis of data. EuclidOLAP can help you perform faster and more flexible data queries, data analysis, and data mining, whether for detailed or aggregated data, or cross-model correlation data.
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Multidimensional Data Model

Authentic multidimensional data model based on cubes and dimensions.

Combining Analysis

All cubes do not exist in isolation, they can be jointly queried to provide in-depth data analysis capabilities.

Real-time Aggregate Calculations

EuclidOLAP can provide real-time aggregate computing capabilities for data of any granularity without prior pre-aggregation calculations.


Support for MDX(Multi-Dimensional Expressions), which can better describe multidimensional models and perform multidimensional queries than SQL.

Ad-Hoc and Explore

EuclidOLAP's powerful instantaneous query capabilities enable data analysts to quickly implement their ideas without having to create indexes or precompute, enabling exploratory data analysis.

High-performance Computing

EuclidOLAP uses the SIMD features of the CPU to improve computing performance, and EuclidOLAP computing nodes running on GPU processors can provide tens to hundreds of times higher computing performance than CPUs.

Simple and Fast Deployment

You can deploy an EuclidOLAP service instance in just a few minutes on the Linux operating system, or use a Docker command to run an EuclidOLAP container.

Distributed Architecture

EuclidOLAP can either run in stand-alone mode or be deployed as a horizontally scalable distributed architecture.

EuclidOLAP on Cloud

The EuclidOLAP solution deployed in cloud environment uses nearly unlimited elastic computing resources in the cloud to maximize the data mining potential of EuclidOLAP.


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