OLAP Web Console

OLAP Web Console is a web management console tool for EuclidOLAP service.

If you will run EuclidOLAP with docker, read the Docker section directly, because the Docker container of EuclidOLAP already has an OLAP Web Console service built into it.
  • JDK8 runtime environment, or higher JDK version.
  • An EuclidOLAP service.

Download the OLAP Web Console: olapweb-v0.1.5-beta.jar

Run the OLAP Web Console:

$ java -jar olapweb-v0.1.5-beta.jar --server.port=8761

Then, use a browser to access the

You need to change the IP to the address of the server that runs the OLAP Web Console service.

If your OLAP Web Console is running on the same server as EuclidOLAP, you can access the console directly by clicking the Connect button.

Otherwise, you need to click the Create a new connection and create a new EuclidOLAP connection.

Run the following MDX query statement:

select { Date.[2020], Date.[2021], Date.[2022] } on columns, { [Measures].Revenue } on rows from [Airline A];

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