Run EuclidOLAP binary

Quickly deploy an EuclidOLAP service and use MDX for a multidimensional query.

Download and Run

Launch an EuclidOLAP service by executing binary on Linux.
EuclidOLAP currently supports running on Redhat/CentOS and Debian/Ubuntu operating systems.

Execute the following code:

$ wget $ tar zxf EuclidOLAP-v0.1.5-beta.tar.gz $ cd EuclidOLAP/bin $ ./

Execute a multidimensional query

Run the EuclidOLAP client tool.

$ ./olap-cli

Enter the following simple MDX query statement.

select { Date.[2020], Date.[2021], Date.[2022] } on columns, { [Measures].Revenue } on rows from [Airline A];

The following query result will be displayed.

2020 2021 2022
Revenue 494849380.00 590103250.00 622211200.00

Then, you can type exit and press enter to exit the EuclidOLAP client tool.


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